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Arncott Parish Council

Arncott Community Association (ACA)

The Arncott Community Association is an independant charitable association that has existed in the village for over 30 years. The association exists to raise fund which are then used to directly benefit residents of Arncott Parish. It is governed by a formal constitution and managed by an elected board of 4 trustees. 

The trustee board meet once a quarter to deal with the administration required to maintain the association's charitable status. 

Individual fundraising projects are run by volunteers co-ordinated by a project leader who reports to the trustee board. 

Project meetings are held when required. 

As well as direct fundraising the Association is also able to apply for charitable grants for the benfit of the Parish. This is a new area for the Association and we are keen to hear from any resident with experience of project management or similar to assist in submitting the applications. 

Planned Funded Events

  • Children's Christmas Party
  • Senior's Christmas Lunch
  • Christmas Carol celebration 

For information about becoming involved in the Arncott Community Association please contact or join our facebook group.

Arncott 300 Club

The Arncott 300 club is a charitable fundraising initiative run by the Arncott Community Association. It is open to all residents of Arncott Parish at 50p per month per entry. Collection of entry fees are done by a team of volunteers and can be made monthly or annually.

Note: We urgently need volunteers for the Buchanan Road and Village close areas of the village. Each collector has a small assigned area and the only responsibilities are to collect the entry fees and maintain accurate records of collections.

Each entry in the 300 club is allocated a numbered ball. Every month 5 balls are chosen at random supervised by the Village Hall Management Committee. The 5 winners receive cash awards at the following values:

  • £20
  • £10
  • £8
  • £5
  • £2

Prizes are awarded in the order they are drawn. Prize values are reviewed annually by the ACA committee.

The 300 club has vacancies available for members. The 50p fees can be paid monthly to the collectors or indeed as often as you want up to an annual payment of £6. Most members find it easiest to pay annually. Collectors also find it easier if you pay annually. This is a village fundraising scheme which directly benefits village residents. We ask that you all consider joining in.

For further details of the 300 club contact Wendy Wilkins

All proceeds from the 300 club are used for charitable purposes and the 300 club is the primary source of funding for the Children’s Christmas party and the Senior Citizens Christmas Lunch.

Wendy has for some years acted as manager for the 300 club and has done a sterling job. However, we are now looking for a new manager. The role involves coordinating the collectors, depositing the collections and supervising the monthly draw. Every once in a while you have to audit the balls in the bag. It is a particularly rewarding role because you get to physically see the results in the bright little shiney happy faces of the children at the children’s party.

If you are not a member of the 300 Club and you or any family members or friends do come along to these events would you please consider starting or rejoining the 300 Club. If you would like to do this please contact Wendy Wilkins by email at