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Arncott Parish Council


We're looking to get historical information about Arncott from villagers. If you know any of the history of Arncott, please let us know by contacting us through the website. We're looking to get as much historical information about the village as possible. The wikipedia page for Anrcott is a bit thin on the ground of information and we'd like to get what we can from anyone that knows.

One mini-project we'd like to show on the site is the road names in Arncott and where they came from. Many village road names, and indeed town and city road names as well, are named after people historically linked to the village or as a reference to their function or location. If you know why a road is so named, please do contact us and give us the full story and we'll add it to the site.


Road NameHistory of the Name
Orchard Close
Named after the Orchard family at Arncott Hill Farm
Mill Lane
There used to be a windmill on the junction of Mill Lane and Buchanan Road but it is now completely gone. We're still trying to find out more about it.
Constables Croft
This was so named because of the MOD police quarters and clubhouse were on the ground before the houses were built.
Hopcraft Close
Named after someone in the Hopcraft family. Possibly Bob Hopcraft or Oliver Hopcraft who are the Grandfather and Great Grandfather of Julie Collins.
Teale Close
Named after Bob Teale who had done a lot of things for the village.
Norris Road
Named after a "Mr Norris" who bequeathed a sum of money to the village when he died. It was left to the village to help those in need. If anyone knows anything about Mr Norris, please let us know.
Patrick Haugh Road
If anyone knows anything about who Patrick Haugh is, please let us know.
Buchanan Road
Nothing is known at the moment about the history of Buchanan Road and why it has that name.
Harper Close
Named after the Harper family who used to farm the land around the village before the MOD took control of it. Some of the Harper family still live in the village.
Village Close
The name was provided by the council without any local consultation
Meadow View
Named for the view it has overlooking the meadow at the rear of the houses