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Arncott Parish Council

Debrillator training and 1st aid training dates

Added on 07 October 2016

You can learn how to save a life !!

Maybe the life of a family member, your friend or neighbour.

Your parish council has bought two defibrillator units. One unit will be installed in Upper Arncott. One unit will be installed in Lower Arncott. Training will start at 7:30pm on Tuesday 11th October at the village hall.

In addition, a basic first aid training course has been organised to take place in the village hall starting at 7.30pm on Thursday the 27th October


The more responders we have in the village the better, so please seriously consider signing up for the training. To book your FREE place please contact the parish council directly at or drop us a comment here. You can send us your contact details in a private message or simply turn up on the night!