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Arncott Parish Council

Village Resilience

Added on 05 January 2018

As you may know, the village purchased a generator a short while ago with a view to having a resilience programme in place for emergency situations. Setting up the programme is a lengthy process as nobody has had any training with regards to setting up or running anything like it. It's a learning curve for us all. We do need volunteers to help us when the programme is active. This is because we need a contact network, similar to a school's tree system for contacting parents of the children at a school. This will hopefully mean that we will have enough people to identify those at risk during the time the programme is active, and have ways to get to them, or get them to the village hall. The generator will be there for powering critical services in the hall, such as the heating, basic kitchen equipment, separate lighting rigs, etc. If you want to get involved, please email the parish council from the contact and & feedback section, and let us know your name, address, landline and/or mobile, and email address. In situations like power outages, many landlines don't work as they often require separate power sources, and mobile signals may not be good, and also internet access will be out, so we need to be able to get hold of you by several methods.