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Arncott Parish Council

Meeting Schedule

Added on 16 July 2020

Following our last meeting, the parish council has decided that the current schedule of meetings at once a month on the first Tuesday is too frequent a schedule. The reasoning is that in the past, the parish council meeting was one of the only modes of communication other than meeting in person or on the phone, between the councillors and all the villagers and people within the parish.

As time goes on, there are now more methods of communication, and several platforms with which people use to conect us. We do appreciate that not everybody uses these platforms, but as time goes on, that will change, and the parish council decided that it was a btter use of everybody's time that we only needed to hold a meeting every other month. This does not include the open meeting/yearly parish council meeting in May.

From July, the next parish council meeting will be on the first Tuesday in September, and from then, every other month. The parish council will resenrve the right to hold interim meetings as necessary on the intervening months but only when required.