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Arncott Parish Council

Remembrance Date 2020 - News Upate

Added on 28 September 2020


Due to the current Covid19 restrictions and the necessity for social distancing, the Arncott Parish Council has decided that it will not be organising a Remembrance Day service at the Arncott village War Memorial this year. It is highly likely that the majority of the attendees would be of an age that is currently considered as being in a covid19 high risk group. The government has also recently given instructions to say that people who do not live with each other should avoid physical contact, being close / face-to-face and shouting or singing close to others. The Parish Council has therefore agreed that to organise such a social gathering would be both irresponsible and a flagrant breach of the rules. The Parish Council, VHMC, ACA and the Friendship Club will arrange for poppy wreaths to be placed against the Memorial Stone as per usual. If you wish to place a wreath / posy / wooden cross next to the Memorial Stone then please feel free to do so.